lunes, 5 de diciembre de 2011

Intercambio Gaudem-Kingsdale

Hey there,

I've been thinking about making it more "personal", more "written by the kids", someting like that:

Dear our classmates, teachers and parents!

We'd like to tell you about an amazing experience we had from November 21st to November 27th.
We spent the whole week on the farm El Jarama with 24 students from the British school Kingsdale. We shared the rooms with our English friends and we spoke English while they spoke Spanish. We learned how to take care of the animals, learned a lot of interesting things about Akha, a new culture in Thailand, made original bracelets and  necklaces. We also rode a horse, went hiking and played baseball. The last night we had a disco, we danced and sang a lot. It was so cool and we had a lot of fun!
Unfortunately, time flew by very quickly and we had to say good-bye. :-( We came back to Madrid and showed them around our shool. They liked it a lot! We'd miss them so much and we hope to see them soon.
Kisses :-) .
Students of the 3ºESO.

Have a nice day.

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