lunes, 26 de mayo de 2014

Polish students

Last Friday, May the 16th, a group of Polish students visited our school and shared some hours with our students in 3rd ESO. These are some of the opinions our students have about the experience:

“The visit of the Polish people was a very good opportunity for making some new nice friends and sharing a good time with them. We had a great day with them playing games and showing them the school I would like to repeat this and continue learning about this or another culture” (Blanca Liceras)

“It was good and funny. Also the students practiced English, because this school is bilingual. It was a good idea to meet new people, to know how Poland is more or less, to listen how Polish languages is… It was a great experience” (Patricia Barbeira)

“I liked a lot this experience of meeting different people with other culture and other customs. We learnt a lot with them and also we could practice English.” (Andrea García)

“I had fun because all of them were funny and they explained us how Poland is. The three Polish that were in my group are now my furthest friends. I talk with them by whatsapp and I want to visit them in Poland”

“I think that this day was very funny because all the Polis people that came were very kind. I met a lot of people. All the boys spoke Spanish very well” (Guillermo Simón)

“It was a great experience because we learnt things about other country, met more people and improved our English. I liked it a lot” (Irene Serrano)

“I really like this experience because I think it’s a good idea to mix people of different countries with different cultures and languages. They can speak in a common language, learn different things of each other and make new friends. I have learnt things of Poland and I think they have learnt things of Spain and now I have new friends from Poland” (Marta Pérez)

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